Would you like to become a partner?

As a partner, you are an issuer, acquirer, funds collector or another distributor in the Bancontact ecosystem.

Bancontact Payconiq Company provides you with Bancontact with a real-time payment system suitable for all types of card payments. The following table is an overview of the services Bancontact Payconiq Company offers to partners.

* Bancontact Payconiq Company also allows for temporary authorizations for payments. Only when the exact amount is known is confirmation for the payment given. That is what happens at a petrol station for example.
** Bancontact Payconiq Company also offers an emergency fall back. This unique service makes sure that payments go through even when there are technical failures or electricity outages. When the connection with the network is lost, the payment is carried out offline. This is how Bancontact guarantees that the payment process goes ahead normally.