The convenience of one-click and recurring payments with Bancontact

publish date
29 January 2024
In more and more places, you can easily pay via Bancontact with only one click. Indeed, a quick check-out in a shopping experience is essential, not only for the merchant but also for the consumer. This case from payment provider CCV shows the convenience of one-click payments with Bancontact.

Don’t let cybercrime get you: this is how you can detect phishing and fraudulent content in mobile payments

publish date
11 September 2023
"Hello mom/dad, I'm sending you from a friend's number. I urgently need money! Can you transfer 150 € to me?" Have you ever received such a message from an unknown sender? If so, chances are you've been contacted by scammers.

Received a new bank card recently? Continue making mobile payments

publish date
5 July 2023
What to do in case you receive a new bank card? And can you continue to pay via the Payconiq by Bancontact app? Rest assured; your new bank card will have no impact on your daily payments.

‘Paying Attention’, a podcast series that explores how new forms of payment are changing our society

publish date
20 March 2023
Contactless, online or mobile: it’s hard to imagine our everyday lives without these new forms of payments. Over the four episodes of our podcast series ‘Paying Attention’ / ‘Un conseil, ça paie’, you’ll get to hear from various angles about how the new payment methods are changing our society.

Payments with Bancontact and Payconiq increase by 54.5% in five years

publish date
8 February 2023
Belgians pulled out their bank card or smartphone almost 2.3 billion times in 2022 to pay with Bancontact or Payconiq. Over a period of five years, that’s an impressive increase of 54.5%. And over a ten-year period, payments with Bancontact and Payconiq have increased from 1 billion to 2.3 billion.