Pay by simply tapping your Bancontact card on the merchant’s smartphone.

publish date
6 July 2021
From now on, any small merchant, taxi driver or doctor can use their smartphone as a payment terminal. All customers have to do is tap the smartphone with their Bancontact card and the payment is made. ‘Tap On Phone’ is the name of the new innovation that European Neobank Viva Wallet brings to Belgium together with Bancontact Payconiq Company.

Paying your energy bill in one click with Bancontact thanks to POM

publish date
4 June 2021
Since several years, Luminus customers can pay their invoices easily with Bancontact using a POM QR code or payment button, whereby the customer signs each payment via his or her payment app or card reader. But from now on, it will be even easier to pay your energy bill thanks to the activation of Bancontact One-Click-Pay.

Digital payments in the spotlight

publish date
15 May 2021
Today is 'Digital Payment Day', a day on which digital payments are put in the spotlight. This year again, Bancontact Payconiq Company supports this day, because the importance of digital payments is more relevant than ever. Together with some payment players and the VUB, we conducted a study on the digital payment behaviour of Belgians.

Bancontact Payconiq Company’s existing payment solutions respond to stricter European payment directive

publish date
16 April 2021
As from January 2021, online payments within the European Economic Area must comply with a new set of rules under the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

2020, a record year for electronic payments

publish date
9 February 2021
How did we pay for things in 2020? Bancontact Payconiq Company's annual figures show it was contactless and mobile on a massive scale. Online we already use our smartphones to pay for 68% of transactions. And 42% of all payments with the Bancontact card are now contactless.