As from now you can pay your Uber Eats meals with Bancontact!

publish date
24 August 2020
Don’t feel like cooking or an empty fridge ? Then we have you covered ! You can have your favorite restaurant at home now thanks for Uber Eats and Bancontact. As from today, pay your ordered dishes easily and safely via Bancontact on the Uber Eats app.

KBC takes the lead in contactless payment with Bancontact via a smart ring, watch, bracelet or key chain

publish date
24 June 2020
KBC, CBC and KBC Brussels are the first Belgian banks to offer their customers the possibility to make Bancontact contactless payments via wearables. Their customers can now pay with Bancontact via a smart ring, watch, bracelet or key chain. A first!

Limits raised for Bancontact contactless payments without PIN entry

publish date
6 April 2020
Contactless payment: it’s fast, easy and safe. But above all – especially in light of the corona crisis – it’s the most hygienic way to pay.

Bancontact joins forces with Viva Wallet: now available in 17 European countries.

publish date
9 September 2019
Bancontact is joining forces with Viva Wallet, Europe's first cloud-based digital payment terminal. You can now use your Bancontact card to pay at more than 100,000 new merchants in no fewer than 17 additional European countries, both online and in stores.

Hungry? Now you can also pay Deliveroo with Bancontact and the Payconiq by Bancontact app

publish date
20 August 2019
The time has come: Deliveroo, the meal delivery service, is now offering Bancontact and the Payconiq by Bancontact app as payment options. This means you can buy lots of delicious food very easily using your bank card or your smartphone from the comfort of your own home!