myPOS opens its first store in Belgium

publish date
28 June 2019

Antwerp, June 27, 2019 - myPOS, Europe's fastest growing e-payment solution provider, opens a store in Belgium. Four years after launching an omni-channel payment solution for small businesses in our country, the payments provider is strengthening its presence and getting closer to its customers. For more proximity and services for professionals wanting to obtain a multifunctional payment terminal at an affordable price and corresponding to their needs. And, introducing the new myPOS Go at just 29 €!

Since its creation in 2014, myPOS offers freelancers, merchants and SMEs a complete solution that enables them to accept and process electronic payments. It does not only translate into an offer of multifunctional POS terminals at super-affordable prices (from € 29 to € 349), but also by the provision of a free multi-currency account. Combined with a debit card and, most importantly, through real-time transaction processing, the account makes instant access to payments available.

myPOS devices work with all card types: smart cards, PIN cards, magnetic stripe cards and contactless cards. They accept payments from major card providers, as well as payments with Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Even a small shopkeeper who only uses myPOS very infrequently can take advantage of the solution. The standard price per card transaction is only 1.75%. And for payments made with a Bancontact card, the transaction is even more advantageous: 0.08 € of fixed costs on amounts below 10 € and 0.25 € on amounts above 10 €.

Driven by its success, myPOS quickly gained a foothold in more than 20 markets in Europe, gaining the trust of more than 70,000 independent professionals and small and medium-sized businesses. The dynamism and creativity of the company are getting noticed. In February 2019, the Berlin Merchants Payments Ecosystem jury awarded myPOS the coveted Best POS Innovation Award.

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