Limits raised for Bancontact contactless payments without PIN entry

publish date
6 April 2020

Contactless payment: it’s fast, easy and safe. But above all – especially in light of the corona crisis – it’s the most hygienic way to pay.

The current limit of €25 per Bancontact contactless payment will be increased to €50, which means that you will no longer need to enter a PIN for a payment that is less than or equal to €50. The cumulative limit will also be increased: Previously, the limit for consecutive Bancontact contactless payments without having to enter a PIN was set at €50 – this will now be increased to €100. As from 14 April, payment terminals that are in operation today – within the current quarantine measures – will be gradually adapted to the new limits.

Why is the limit for contactless card payments without PIN entry being raised?

Today, digital technology is more important than ever. In order to contain the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, everyone is doing the best they can to manage and organise their daily lives digitally. And the same is true for payments.

Thanks to the fact that people do not need to touch the payment terminal keypad (or they at least touch it less often), contactless payment is an ideal way to contribute to the containment of the coronavirus. It is precisely for this reason that Febelfin and its members decided to raise the limit for Bancontact contactless payments without PIN entry.

Contactloze Bancontact-betalingen kunnen mee verspreiding coronavirus indijken

  • Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus in te dijken, vragen handelaars om zo veel mogelijk digitaal te betalen.
  • Contactloos betalen is niet alleen veilig maar ook hygiënisch: mensen raken het toetsenbord van de betaalterminal niet of minder vaak aan.
  • De transactionele limiet voor contactloze Bancontact-betalingen zonder pincode wordt in België opgetrokken van 25 naar 50 euro per kaartbetaling: consumenten moeten pincode pas intikken bij een betaling van meer dan 50 euro. 
  • Voor wie verschillende opeenvolgende contactloze Bancontact-betalingen zonder pincode doet, wordt ook de cumulatieve limiet opgetrokken naar 100 euro. 
  • Vanaf 14 april zullen de betaalterminals die vandaag - binnen de huidige quarantainemaatregelen - actief zijn, stapsgewijs aangepast worden aan de nieuwe limieten. 
  • Bekijk hier hoe eenvoudig contactloos betalen is. 


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