Hungry? Now you can also pay Deliveroo with Bancontact and the Payconiq by Bancontact app

publish date
20 August 2019

The time has come: Deliveroo, the meal delivery service, is now offering Bancontact and the Payconiq by Bancontact app as payment options. This means you can buy lots of delicious food very easily using your bank card or your smartphone from the comfort of your own home!

With such a busy life, it can be tempting not to cook yourself. You can always go to a restaurant of course, but sometimes a cosy evening at home also appeals (i.e. sushi till you drop). At such times, Deliveroo is there to bring meals to your door, courtesy of bike and scooter couriers.

Deliveroo does not accept cash. Paying with a credit card was already possible, but for those who prefer the amount to come straight out of their bank account – or those who do not have a credit card – it is now possible to pay simply using Bancontact or their smartphone and the Payconiq by Bancontact app. This also makes it easier for young people to order meals online. A major advantage - especially during the pre-exam period when cooking can be very time-consuming.

Getting hungry?

You can place an order with Deliveroo via both the app and the website. To pay for your order with the Payconiq by Bancontact app, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Bancontact 
  2. Choose between card or mobile

 If you do not have the Payconiq by Bancontact app yet, it is easy to download and install.