Argenta integrates Bancontact and Payconiq in its banking app

publish date
9 April 2024

Argenta clients can now enjoy the benefits of Bancontact and Payconiq services within their Argenta app.

Thanks to the recent integration of Bancontact and Payconiq, Argenta clients can now scan a QR code in a store or online, (re-)pay friends via a QR code and send or receive a payment request directly from within their banking app. 

Bancontact and Payconiq are now seamlessly integrated in the Argenta app. Meaning that Argenta clients can now enjoy the following features in their banking app:  

  • Pay easily by scanning a QR code in a store and/or online. Learn more. 
  • (Re-)pay friends more easily by creating or scanning a QR code. Learn more. 
  • Send and receive payment requests to reimburse family and friends. Learn more. 

These features are now available for all Argenta clients who have linked their bank account to the banking app.