All tax incentives for the purchase of a payment terminal in a booklet!

For some time now, it has been so simple and so common to pay by card that we no longer even pay attention to it. Consider installing a payment terminal in your establishment: it will be well worth it! From a tax perspective, the purchase has never been as interesting as it is at present.

For close to 30 years now, Belgians have been confidently using the Bancontact card to pay for their purchases. Even for small amounts, Belgians prefer to pay by card and are making increasing numbers of contactless payments.

Bancontact payments are fast, easy and safe for both the client and the merchant. Having less cash in your pocket or cash register is easier and safer.

Tax signal

The benefits of electronic and mobile payments have caught the attention of the Belgian state. Since early 2018, the purchase of a payment terminal bears a greater tax incentive for merchants. Electronic payment creates a win-win situation for everyone today.

Explained and compiled

Since this optimised tax deduction has been introduced, there is no reason not to acquire a payment terminal. Vice Premier and Minister for Security and Home Affairs Jan Jambon supports the Bancontact initiative.‚Äč For your convenience, Bancontact has asked tax lawyers to explain the new measure. You will find their comments, and the list of payment terminal suppliers and their offer linked to Bancontact, in a convenient, free leaflet.

Download the online version here| pdf 5.5mb

Or receive the free booklet, explaining the advantages of a payment terminal, by post. Request your free copy here.