Promotional material

1. Bancontact app

1.1. Bancontact app screenshots

Download the Bancontact app screenshots below. Both standalone app screenshots or in-device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) images are available in Dutch, French and English.

BC-app screens| zip 37.8mb

1.2 Promotional material - Use the Bancontact app to pay

Do you want to promote the Bancontact app for payments? Download the promotional material here. You can use it for online promotion or in print. The promo material is available in several common formats and in three languages (Dutch, French and English). 

Bancontact-app betalingen| zip 40mb

2. Bancontact card

2.1 Promotional material - Bancontact payments

Ensure your customers know that they can pay with Bancontact: simply, swiftly, safely. Download the promotional material here (in English, Dutch and French).

promotional material Bancontact| zip 4.3mb

2.2 Promotional material - Small amount

Let your customers know they can also pay small amounts with Bancontact. Download the information material below to spread the word. Available in Dutch and French.

promotional material Small| zip 19.2mb