‘Scan & Pay’ with Doccle : pay all your invoices with the Bancontact app

Doccle is launching its ‘Scan & Pay’ functionality. The upgraded Doccle app will make it possible to scan all paper invoices using your smartphone and to pay with the Bancontact app.

Doccle, the free online platform that already allows users to receive, process and safely archive administrative documents from many different suppliers, is expanding its mobile app. The addition of ‘Scan & Pay’ now makes it even quicker and easier to pay.

You no longer need to type in the account number, structured remittance information (OGM-VCS) and amount. The Doccle app detects all the information needed to pay the invoice correctly on the transfer form (the “pink slip”) and the payment can be done with the Bancontact app.

Thanks to the new ‘Scan & Pay’ functionality within the Doccle app, you can now pay any invoice using the Bancontact app.

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