Worldline announces: Bancontact payments under 5 euros in food shops increased by 36%.

'More and more, the Belgian consumer opts for the convenience of electronic payments with Bancontact, even for the smallest amounts', says Kim Van Esbroeck, CEO of Bancontact Company. This is also apparent from the figures of Worldline, Bancontact acquirer and supplier of Bancontact to merchants. Bancontact payments for amounts under 5 euros have known an unprecedented growth of no less than 36%.

Small food shops such as bakeries, corner shops and butchers have never before witnessed so many card payments for small amounts as in the last 12 months. This is mainly due to the spectacular price decreases of the retailer rates Worldline introduced one year ago. 'We are clearly evolving towards a cashless society', confirms Erics Spapens, Marketing Director at Worldline Belgium. 'The development of new payment technologies and the introduction of new rates considerably contribute to this evolution.'

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