Bancontact joins forces with three fintechs.

Adding to the strength of its own app, Bancontact is also building on its collaboration with other fintech companies, such as Tricount, POM and Doccle. “Through these partnerships, both parties strengthen each other,” explains Bancontact CEO Kim Van Esbroeck. “Start-up fintechs are able to draw on the considerable coverage and expertise of Bancontact. Similarly we, as market leaders, are able to keep a close eye on things when it comes to payment innovations.”

The Bancontact app is opened automatically via the payment button in Tricount: the person making the payment scans the receiver’s QR code, enters their PIN code and the reimbursement is made. In addition to Tricount, Bancontact also works with Doccle and POM. Doccle is the first personal digital platform that enables you to store your bills simply and securely and then pay them using the Bancontact app. POM also simplifies your personal administration significantly: you can use it to process all your digital and paper invoices and bills – and then use the Bancontact app to pay them.

Fintech Belgium, the biggest platform for fintech companies in Belgium, is delighted about the way Bancontact and the fintechs are working together. “They are demonstrating how established and new businesses in the sector can give each other a hand,” says Xavier De Pauw, President of Fintech Belgium. 

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