Bancontact brings contactless payments to the public at large

From now on, you can also make contactless payments using the Bancontact app. That means you can pay even faster and more easily with your smartphone. And, of course, in all safety. This new payment method is now available for 99% of all Bancontact card holders in Belgium.

Contactless payments using the Bancontact app in a nutshell? Simply pay by holding your Android smartphone close to a payment terminal. “The smartphone is steadily becoming a genuine extension of our wallets”, says Bancontact CEO Kim Van Esbroeck. With more than one million payments with the Bancontact app per month, mobile payments are becoming more common every day. Which makes sense, because the Bancontact app is easy to use, despite meeting the strictest security standards, and this is true just as well for this new milestone in the way we pay.

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